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    Sustainability Master


    All-in-one digital solution for your entire ESG play: CSRD & GRI compliance, data management, business initiatives, and behavioural change for planet, people & purpose

    Sustainability Master

    Easy & Fast ESG

    Sustainability Master is the most complete and at the same time the easiest ESG solution:

    • Automated 'double materiality assessment’​
    • Comprehensive ESG goal management​
    • Data collection and processing
    • Single source of truth
    • One-click CSRD - ESRS regulator reporting
    • ESG program management & collaboration​
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    From Goals to Compliance

    Digitalizing ESG from the Start


    All-in-one solution covering all 12 CSRD - ESRS Topics​

    100% Coverage

    From objectives to measurement

    to execution

    100% Compliance 

    Various global standards such as

    CSRD and GRI 

    100% Automation

    From data collection to calculations

    to reporting

    Easy to Use

    Most modern usage

    for ESG leaders and teams 

    Easy to Adopt

    Organic, step-by-step adoption

    by leaders and teams

    Easy to Afford

    Monthly subscription fees with

    unsurpassed benefits case

    Unlock the power of ESG

    Configured for your Company

    Our team of digital ESG experts has deep understanding of the common and unique ESG challenges that business leaders in different industries and roles face, to configure Sustainability Master at speed for your specific needs


    Industry Focus

    We understand each industry has its unique challenges and requirements – we meet these with specific KPI’s and templates


    Role Focus

    No matter your role within the organization (e.g. Head of Sustainability, CFO, CIO) - we address your specific requirements

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