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No less than 50.000 companies in Europe must comply with the new CSRD directive, which covers 100+ ESG topics. Most of these are midsize companies that need digital support for their ESG journey. has built the best solution in Europe and has a unique approach that brings a company up & running in 3 months. We aim to provide 1000+ customers with our easy-to-adopt solution in just a few years. After a campaign of 3 months, we now cover 15 sectors and 5 countries. With your investment (minimum 100K€, maximum 1000K€) we can scale faster. The winner takes all in B2B SaaS.

John Brahim

John Brahim

CEO & AI Business Architect, Executive Board

About Us

We developed Master Collections – the most powerful digital business orchestration platform – easy to use, easy to adopt. Leveraging our unique collection of business objects, we have taken the long road and developed an integrated, complete digital Sustainability platform to catapult any enterprise within 3 months in a rich and modern play on Environment, Social and Governance.

We are headquartered in Rotterdam - The Netherlands and run our digital development center in Bangalore - India. Our team of fifty senior and young experts combine deep digital expertise with ESG knowledge. We approach Sustainability from the Maistering values – Essence, Beauty, Impact. Our drive is to deploy the best ESG platform in the world in the best way for any specific customer who believes in People, Planet and Purpose.

Leading our ESG practice is Kim Jacobs. With her expertise and dedication, Kim is committed to helping businesses navigate their sustainability journey effectively. For personalized guidance and to explore how our solutions can meet your specific needs, we invite you to reach out to Kim directly. She is excited to collaborate with you and discuss how we can support your sustainability goals.

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