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A fast-moving consumer goods company prioritized ESG. To overcome barriers in data collection and regulatory compliance, they resorted to Sustainability Master.

Aligning Goals, Streamlining Execution

Driving Sustainable Progress

The FMCG company's sustainability leader astutely recognized the criticality of aligning with relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for their business success.

They were already proactively addressing challenges such as reducing food waste, emissions, and energy usage, as well as ensuring the safety of their factory workers and fostering employee engagement.

However, they sought to enhance their efforts in light of the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) as well as to optimize their efforts and resources, ensuring valuable time was spent on implementing impactful initiatives.

Unlock Sustainability Success

A Tailored Approach

We collaborated to develop a customized ESG solution, integrating our platform with their systems to streamline data collection, enhance clarity, and improve efficiency.

Relevant KPIs were aligned with goals, displayed on a dynamic board for real-time monitoring. Customized SDG dashboards, one-click reports, and GRI-compliant insights served stakeholders.

We streamlined execution with an Microsoft Tools Integrated Initiatives Board, enabling efficient collaboration, accelerated workflows, and user-friendly actions.

Full Support

A Tailored Guidance

During the implementation phase, the fast-moving consumer goods company and our team of experts collaborated closely. Our structured approach uncovers areas for improvement. 

We offered comprehensive guidance and support, employing a structured approach of four workshops to identify improvement areas and devise a data-driven action plan.

Challenges were addressed through regular check-ins, maintaining an adaptable and effective implementation plan aligned with company objectives.

Empowering Change, Streamlining Processes, Driving Impact

Achieving Impactful Results

Our solution transformed the FMCG company's sustainability journey by replacing manual data-gathering, providing real-time insights, transparency, and simplifying compliance reporting.

Additionally, our solution accelerated waste reduction efforts, implemented safety protocols, and fostered employee engagement through customized PowerApps.

We empowered the company to drive change, freeing them from manual processes and allocating more resources to sustainability goals. By leveraging our solution, they unlocked new opportunities.


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