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The Joy of Automated ESG


Sustainability Master covers it all. From conducting assessments to setting targets, and from measuring progress to compliance reports.

Empowering your Team Towards a Greener Future

Solutions for a Sustainable Business

Sustainability Master contains a variety of modules to support your sustainability journey. ESG Master covers your entire portfolio, while specific modules for Emission, Energy, Health & Safety and Diversity & Inclusion focus on environmental and social aspects.


ESG Master

Empowering companies to seamlessly integrate ESG principles, ensuring sustainable strategies & operations.​


Emission Master

Assisting companies in reducing CO2 emissions as a top priority, advancing their sustainability goals.​


Energy Master

Guiding companies to transform energy usage, promoting efficiency and the shift to renewable sources.​


Waste Master

Supporting companies in lean and optimal production processes, leading to reduced waste & increased profitability.​


Diversity & Inclusion Master

Enhancing success through diverse talent, equality and inclusion initiatives fostering happiness and perspective.​


Health & Safety Master

Cultivating a safe and healthy work environment, ensuring both employee well-being and sustainable productivity.​

Your Path to Sustainability Success​

Pure ESG Play​

Double Materiality

Identify which topics are material for your organization with practical tooling that automates the mechanics of this assessment. Our tooling and expertise help you through the process within weeks. Double materiality is the foundation in the entire CSRD-compliance.

Supplier Assessment


Understand the ESG level of maturity of your suppliers. Streamline supplier data collection with our expert help. Set-up automated workflows to collect data via uploads, surveys, forms or API integrations. Once data is collected, built-in (emission) measurements are triggered. 

Compliance Reporting


Ensure compliancy with global ESG standards and regulations, including CSRD and GRI, through automated reporting, communication & engagement tools, providing transparency to all stakeholders. Full support for auditors to get the reports and the trail.

Product FAQ

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